Hi guyssss~ I am deleting this blog~! Only cause I don’t like the name of it and well…I don’t post anything on the blog, I have some followers on this inactive blog (you should know who you are) and I’d love for them to follow the blog I actually post on XD otherwise they’d be really following me for nothing, also people who follow this blog and the blog I actually post on, sorry if this post was useless~ I’ll also be posting about this on my real blog to inform those who did not reviece this message. I will also keep this notice here for about a month and reblog this post about a day or two before I actually delete this site~ if you do not know the URL of the blog I actually use it will be listed below after this random song I found on soundcloud 😀 have a nice day everyone~!

Top of the World

Vanimaniac(Active blog):



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